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Misconceptions about Online Dating Scam

When searching for love on the internet, what are the chances of success in finding that “special someone”? Surprisingly the odds are fair to good depending on one′s persistence, the amount of time and money one spends and the actual one on one “live” time one spends with a potential mate.

Following this, the odds are “even” whether dealing with local prospects or possible partners from half way across the globe. The difference naturally involves the amount of money one is prepared to spend on an international relationship as it will involve travel expenses, time away from the office, and ultimately paying for the other person to visit you (plane fare, visas, incidentals) in order to determine compatibility plus the cost of a search and introduction via the internet. As we say in the States “There′s no free lunch”. And with no great surprise especially true when it comes to international romance

The upside is that statistics on foreign relationships as documented by the U.S. Census have Americans who wed foreigners more likely to succeed than should they marry domestically. Fully 80% of all marriages to foreigners stay together as opposed to under 50% for home spawned matrimony. Quite a world of difference.

Enter the great majority of international dating sites. As commercial enterprises, they are all in business to generate revenue. Take for example, a major international site with offices in Moscow and the U.S. specialized in bringing Western men together with women from Russia and CIS countries. is a major trade website, meaning they earn their keep by selling services to their male membership which are designed to connect them with members of the opposite sex. operates legally in that they must abide by the International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act (IMBRA), a piece of legislation passed a few years back by the U.S. Congress that requires American based dating sites to operate within the framework of a strictly regimented set of rules.

Sites that operate offshore of U.S. soil sometimes raise eyebrows as they may induce thoughts of being “scam” sites by those not sufficiently informed or who have been unsuccessful in their amorous online pursuits. Such “sour grapes” is common when not achieving the desired effects when dealing with overseas dating. Not isolated to the international dating sphere, this set of circumstances and criticism is likely to occur whether one is involved in a foreign or domestic romance.

Most dating sites are only partly free in order to attract users. Once members have subscribed they must pay to use the sites services. This does not automatically fit the profile of a scam, but of a legitimate enterprise with achievable and documentable end results. It involves common, ethical business practices. So then how does a site that operates under the auspices of the law qualify as an international scam?
The answer is that, as a rule, it doesn′t. Dating sites have many hundreds, or in the case of, many thousands of female members who join. The vast majority aspire to find a mate. However, on some dating websites those who join are in search of money by nefarious means… by creating a scam. Most scam is initiated then not by a site itself, but by insincere individuals using a website to connect to people with money in other countries.

Most sites don′t possess the means to check up on their constituency. It involves thousands of hours and specially trained staff to spot potential problems and actively interview suspected scammers in order to ferret out the truth. Most agencies don′t do it, but take all comers. is one of the largest international agencies and so has proactively equipped herself with the means and financial incentive to seek and snuff out potential problems. And she does.

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